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Creative ways your business can use LED screens

22/03/2022 10:13:20 AM / by Boileau Team


Image source - Fujivision

LEDs have evolved over the last few years and are now more flexible than ever. They are cost-effective and offer a high return on your investment, so now is the perfect time to look at which LED solution suits your business’s needs.

To help you decide, here are some creative ways you can use LED screens to stand out from the competition.


Show off your favourite projects

The biggest advantage LED screens have over other display screens is how bright, flexible, and scalable they are. They can be any shape or size, for example, here at Boileau Business Technology, we have just installed a 5x4 metre transparent screen that plays both videos and still images. It’s hard to miss!

Now, imagine displaying your favorite projects – big and small – on such a large screen. They would demand attention and supercharge your marketing efforts.


Make internal communication a breeze

Sending too many emails and reminders? Or maybe you’re looking for a better way to engage and communicate with your staff.

Either way, indoor LED screens are a great way to share important messages with the right staff, at the right time, without the need for time-consuming manual processes. Share information one-to-many, automate messages, use multiple screens – the sky is the limit when it comes to indoor LEDs!


Welcome visitors with a splash

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Image source - Fujivision

Static signs are a thing of the past! Welcome your visitors with an LED screen that reflects your capabilities, professionalism, and values. Using the user-friendly software that comes with the screen, you can automate your messaging, allowing you to change your content regularly.

Promote your newest products, integrate with your social media feeds, give building directions, or communicate Covid requirements in an engaging way.


Sports, sports, sports

Who doesn’t love a great game of footy? Or basketball, or cricket or any number of sports. If you’re looking for the best way for every fan to see all the action clearly, LED Screens are the best technology for the job.

The screens’ brightness and clarity mean they can be seen from afar and you can have both outdoor and indoor LED screens. They are also impact-resistant and can be customised for live broadcasts.


All these ideas have the potential to supercharge your business growth when added to your marketing and communication strategy.

Looking for the perfect LED solution for your business? Boileau Dynamic Visuals (a division of Boileau Business Technology) is a re-seller of the latest Fujivision LED technology in the state and we’ve been supporting local business growth for 33 years. We offer long-term rental, short-term hire, or you can buy an LED screen of your own. Book a demo with the friendly Boileau team or call us on 08 8354 6700.


*Sources – Fujivision Australia

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