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How can LED Advertising support your business growth?

14/09/2021 9:58:33 AM / by Boileau Team


If the mention of LED instantly conjures up images of flashing lights indicating your favourite takeaway store is open, this article is for you. Read on to learn more about what LED advertising is and why it works.


Image of a large LED Screen advertising the West Coast Fever netball team


What is LED?

LED stands for ‘light-emitting diode’ and it’s a “semiconductor diode which glows when voltage is applied. LED Outdoor advertising is one of the fastest-growing platforms in the marketing and communications sector.


This is because according to research done by Australia’s Outdoor Media Association (OMA), Out of Home (OOH) advertising reaches real receptive audiences. People are 2.5 times more alert outside the home than compared to screen time at home.



  1.  Out of Home (OOH) reaches more people than any other advertising channel – 93% of Australians living in and around the capital cities.
  2.  OOH advertising improves campaign ROI by an average of 30% when paired with other media channels, delivering more online activity per ad dollar compared to TV, radio, and print.
  3.  OOH audiences are 2x more likely to act on your brand messages.
  4.  LED advertising delivers bright, vivid, and dynamic visuals that are hard to miss.
  5.  New technology continues to further LED’s creative potential.

Image of Outdoor LED Advertising in South Australia


How can LED Advertising support your business growth?

Your brand stands out

Billboards are larger than life, big, bold, and demand the audience’s attention. Digital application of your artwork takes it to the next level, allowing for unlimited creativity and a professional finish.   A bright, colourful, animated display is more eye-catching than a static one and is more likely to result in your audience taking action.

In a recent survey conducted by The Outdoor Media Association  (OMA), 71% said they felt advertising on digital stood out more than online ads and 46% said they were more prominent than television ads.


Raises awareness

While not every person that sees your digital signage will necessarily become a customer, they will at least gain awareness of your company. There are no other media channels with better reach.


More engaging

Your target audience isn’t “busy” in the same sense as a web surfer. Your advertisement isn’t seen as a nuisance. They can’t click out of a window or turn the page; for a brief, vital moment, your organisation is front and centre.


Cost effective

The OMA studies show that Outdoor Advertising is the second most efficient media in terms of Return on Investment (ROI), after television. The higher the proportional spend on Outdoor Advertising in an advertising campaign, the

more efficient it becomes.


Media Multiplier

Billboards regularly provide multiple daily impressions per person every day to strategically complement your other media exposure. Outdoor advertising media not only works stand-alone but also improves the ROI of other media

when you include them in the mix. It is an effective way of increasing the reach and recall of a campaign.


The Postar LED Banner

As South Australia recovers from the effects of the pandemic, now is the perfect time to supercharge your next marketing campaign by adding LED advertising to your marketing mix.

Boileau Dynamic Visuals (a division of Boileau Business Technology) is a re-seller of the latest Fujivision LED technology in the state and we’ve been supporting local business growth for 32 years. We offer long term rental, short term hire, or you can buy an LED screen of your own screen. Book a demo with the friendly Boileau team or call us on 08 8354 6700.


Boileau Customer Review from Vinnies South Australia


*Sources – Outdoor Media Association Australia, Fujivision Australia

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