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Why Your Business Needs A Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan

26/07/2023 11:29:09 AM / by Jennie


Being a business owner is difficult, even on good days. You need the foresight to equip your company with the appropriate tools and solutions in addition to managing and successfully resolving a variety of difficulties.

Data loss, data corruption, and business interruption that result in downtime and productivity declines should always be given priority. Do not forget that data loss, data corruption, and business interruption can occur for a variety of causes, including: human error, faulty software, computer viruses.

The best approach to solving this issue is to implement a thorough backup and business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) strategy.

What is a comprehensive backup and BCDR strategy?

A thorough backup and BCDR plan highlights the importance of several technologies collaborating to guarantee uptime. Even cybersecurity-related technology are highlighted. 

A robust strategy:

Protects all systems, devices and workloads

It might be difficult to manage all systems, devices, and workloads effectively, safely, and consistently. Any time mistakes, errors, catastrophes, and outright failures can occur across backup and recovery systems, resulting in protracted downtime or other expensive business repercussions. Having a trustworthy and secure solution is crucial for backing up and safeguarding company data as well as systems, devices, and workloads.

Ensures the integrity, availability and accessibility of data

Monitoring and protection are challenging due to the complexity of IT, network, and data systems with numerous sites, including cloud, on-premises, and remote. Information integrity, availability, and accessibility, as well as any other IT network assets, are adversely affected. In order to protect and secure all IT and network infrastructure (local, remote, and cloud), it is a great practice to simultaneously deploy tools or systems.

Enables business resilience and continuity

Business operations continuity is prioritised, facilitated, and guaranteed through a thorough and realistically feasible backup and BCDR strategy. It symbolises a company's resistance to outages or data loss disasters. 

Prioritises essential security and protection needs against internal and external threats

If your company does not proactively identify and reduce internal and external risks, no backup or BCDR solution can be effective. To strengthen your backup and BCDR strategy, you need tools that concentrate on threats from both inside and outside the organisation through regular monitoring, alerting, and tactical defence.

Fulfils data retention standards, controls visibility, and prevents unauthorised access

No employee should ever have equal access to your company's data. To guarantee that an employee only has access to the data necessary to carry out their duties, there must be policies and tools in place. Unauthorised access must also be found and stopped right away. This is essential for the effectiveness of backups and BCDR as well as for remaining in compliance with all statutory requirements for data security and retention.

Partner for success

You should now realise that implementing a thorough backup and BCDR strategy is not a choice, but rather a requirement. A rare, significant data loss incident or disturbance might even provide your rivals access to your customer base and profit margins. It's not as challenging as you may imagine. Work with a knowledgeable partner like us who has the expertise and experience to handle your backup and BCDR requirements.

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Written by Jennie