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Top 5 benefits of digital signage for businesses

29/08/2022 12:23:09 PM / by Jennie


boileau 5 benefits of digital signage

A digital signage display is the world's most adaptable banner. You can have a wide range of options from large format screens to multi-screen video walls, freestanding booths, shelf edge displays, and tablet devices in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet your needs.

What is a digital signage?

Digital signage, also known as electronic signage, refers to display technologies such as LED walls (or video walls), projection, and LCD monitors that are used to display webpages, videos, directions, restaurant menus, marketing messages, or digital images in vivid detail. Digital signage provides navigation, messaging, marketing, and outdoor advertising in a variety of settings, including public spaces, museums and art galleries, sporting arenas, churches, academic buildings, retail stores, corporate spaces, and restaurants.

Why digital signage?

Many businesses underrate the advantages that digital signage can provide. This blog will go over top 5  benefits business owners should invest in digital signage in 2022.

1. Improve audience engagement and boost sales

boileau digital signage increase sales

Digital signage has been shown to increase viewer engagement, improve productivity, and maximise the potential of any revenue-generating opportunities all over the world. It is colourful and dynamic, bringing products and services to life while delivering fresh, up-to-date content that is usually contextually relevantElectronic signage can even help you leverage by allowing you to sell advertising space on your network. A recent study indicated that 80% of business owners agree using digital signage can increase their sales by up to 33%


2. Save time and reduce costs 

boileau digital signage reduce costs

Although there is a one-time, upfront cost for electronic signage, in the long run, it is likely going to save you more money than you would have thought. Once your digital signage displays are operational, you won't have to worry about paying ongoing printing, delivery, and installation fees whenever you need to update your paper-based point-of-sale system. This does not only reduce the operations and marketing costs but also equals more hours for your team to work on major duties. 


3. Create dynamic and targeted content

boileau led display

With electronic signage, you have plenty of room to develop a vibrant row of content that changes as frequently as you like. In addition, your messaging can be tailored to certain times, days, or events as well as the locations where your digital signage displays are installed, and it can be updated on a regular basis.


4. Flexible to change content

boileau digital signage content management


One of the main advantages of digital signage over printed signage is how quickly your messaging can be changed to reflect new products, emerging trends, or crucial alerts and notifications. Via a user-friendly content management, uploading content can be done in only a few minutes or even seconds. 


5. Improve team management and communication

boileau digital signage team communication

The majority of businesses are aware of how well electronic signage performs for customer-centric campaigns, but only few are aware of just how powerful it can be in back offices. Digital signage displays can help deliver a higher standard of training for employees and stakeholders in addition to enabling corporate messaging and important notifications to be shared on screens across every department.

You can also make the experience interactive to increase engagement and strengthen the impact of your training. Employees can communicate in real-time via live chats using touch displays, apps, and remote controls. They can also use on-demand messaging to access additional educational on-screen content.

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Written by Jennie