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Tech Talent Shortage: How Managed Services Can Support Your Business

16/02/2023 11:22:05 AM / by Boileau Team


According to a global analysis, there would be a talent gap of around 85 million people by 2030, which could lead to unrealised yearly income of nearly $8.5 trillion. Locally, the IT Council of Australia has estimated that by 2025, Australia will require 1 million workers to fill tech jobs. This indicates that in that period 260,000 additional workers will need to join the Australian tech workforce.  A shortage of workers with IT skills is one of the biggest risks to businesses, according to 65% of Australian IT decision-makers polled as part of the Equinix 2022 Global Tech Trends Survey.

The rapid advancement of technology also makes it challenging for in-house IT teams to keep their knowledge up-to-date with latest innovations and changing technologies, hence continuous upskilling emerging as a crucial component of enterprise IT initiatives. While building internal resources will surely be crucial in the future, organisations must also consider outsourcing to increase the availability of skilled workers.

As a result, Managed IT Service providers need to offer crucial knowledge to assist strategic digital transformation projects as the market becomes more competitive, ensuring that their customers' IT strategies are cutting-edge and highly scalable.

How Managed Services address the shortage

The need for qualified IT experts continues to outpace the supply, and many organisations find the expense of acquiring and training new IT staff to be prohibitive. People are demanding competitive compensation due to the present skill scarcity, and this pressure makes employing experienced workers more expensive. IT is predicted to take up a substantial portion of organisational budgets this year, with spending in Australia expected to hit $109 billion.

Save costs

Utilising a third party to fill in your skills gaps might be a cost-effective choice after accounting for competitive pay, sign-on bonuses, benefits, and other ongoing expenditures of recruiting an employee directly. Additionally, it implies that you can use the savings for more critical matters.

Get the right talents

IT service providers have the knowledge to find suitable employees who suit the requirements of the company. An IT service provider will evaluate candidates instead of you doing it yourself. As a result, you can hire the best candidates faster than if you handle the hiring yourself. IT service providers also give you access to a candidate pool you might not have previously known about. By using third-party assistance, you can leverage the expertise and value of numerous skill sets while removing the risk associated with key personnel when hiring a single knowledgeable individual to maintain and manage your legacy system.

Achieve your planned growth

We've seen businesses postpone their digital transformations and growth goals due to a shortage of qualified personnel as well as scarcity in semiconductors and shipping delays. This is not necessarily the case. A managed service provider will handle the particular area of your business that needs care rather than you attempting to fix problems and implement a solution internally. By doing this,  they can support your planned growth by safeguarding your business from industry changes and enhancing your competitive advantage with the most recent trends and technologies.


Partner for Success

Working with a managed services provider helps ease the load since finding IT talent has become increasingly challenging and expensive. Boileau can support your technology needs with our end-to-end solutions that require minimal in-house resources.

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