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Angelique wows SOL Results crowd

17/03/2021 3:36:56 PM / by Jennie


Boileau Business Technology founder and Managing Director Angelique was the talk of the business community recently when headlined a networking event hosted by SOL Results.

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Themed Succeed & Thrive in Business, over 100 aspiring business community members attended the event to hear Angelique speak about how she came to be one of SA’s most influential business women. The invitation to speak was extended to Angelique by the team at SOL Results, who specialise in helping people achieve in their professional and personal lives.

When asked about the source of her courage and strength, Angelique spoke about growing up in war-torn Hungary and how she and her family had to escape for a better life.

“I remember my uncle taking me and my sister to a parkland in the middle of Budapest. It was strewn with dead bodies that were covered in newspapers and flowers,” Angelique said.

“My uncle held our hands and gently guided us through the devastation. He said to us, ‘Your mother will be taking you away from here soon but you must always remember it is the sacrifice these young people have made that will earn you your freedom’.

“I have never forgotten those words. Throughout my life, whenever times get hard, I still think back to that day and remember how lucky I am.”

For over 31 years Angelique and Boileau Business Technology have been a staple in the South Australian business sector. When asked about her longevity in business, she spoke about listening to the market and being willing to adapt to its changing needs.

“We started off in print and had an exclusive partnership with Fuji Xerox,” Angelique said.

“Over time we incorporated telecommunications into our offering to meet the market’s need to better connect with each other.

“That eventually led us to providing IT services, meaning SMEs (small and medium enterprises) didn’t have to worry about competing with the multinationals because we were doing that for them.”

Angelique went on to speak about her passion in making sure SMEs aren’t left behind when
it comes to IT.

“The other morning I listened to an economist talk about how Australia’s economy is recovering faster and stronger than he and the government anticipated. This is largely because technology is advancing so rapidly,” Angelique said.

“He also said the recovery is being driven at this point by big business, particularly in the mining, pharmaceutical and food sectors who are well up-to-date with technological advances.

“However there are over 1 million SMEs in Australia who are not and they provide the largest portion of the country’s employment. Unless they’re brought up to speed with technology, including cyber security, many will fall by the wayside and employment will drop.

“That’s why IT needs to be implemented and aligned with business goals. It’s what we do at Boileau Business Technology and it’s something I’m proud to offer SA businesses.

“Providing an exceptional customer experience is our number one priority. We don’t just say it, we do it.

“The Boileau solution will always achieve two outcomes – (1) Pain free IT, (2) at an affordable price.”

The interview finished with Angelique talking about her philanthropic ventures and her work with various Adelaide charities.

“I’m a big supporter of St Vinnies, Hutt St Centre and the Service to Youth Council,” Angelique said.

“I believe it’s the responsibility of the fortunate to support those who are less fortunate. By giving without expectation, you will always get a great return. Those returns come in many forms and they always feel great.”

It goes without saying that Angelique Boileau is an iconic women who has successfully run her iconic business for over three decades. What’s her secret to success?

“Always be true to yourself. Believe and trust you can accomplish what you set out to. And
always give thanks.”

If you would like to know how Angelique and her team can help you and your business achieve more, email or contact 08 8356 6700.


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Image: SOL Results Principle Consultant John Ngatia (L), interviews Angelique Boileau (R) at the Succeed & Thrive in Business networking event.


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